Troubleshooting your rdlc inside Visual Studio 2010.

In order to troubleshoot your rdlc inside Visual Studio 2010.

Problem: how to make table invisible when there is no row.

Solution:  Set the expression for the row,

=IIF(Fields!BILLER.Value is nothing, true, false)

Step 1: Right click the tablix, choose and click row visibility.

Step 2: Choose and click the button beside “Show or hide based on an expression”.

Step 3: Enter the expression, =IIF(Fields!BILLER.Value is nothing, true, false).

Problem 2: How to display the image inside the report viewer.

Solution: You need to set the UI culture and culture for an individual page, set the Culture and UICulture attributes of the @ Page directive, as shown in the following example:

<%@ Page UICulture=”es” Culture=”es-MX” %>

To insert image on the report itself.

Step 1: Right click and choose insert then choose and click on image.

Step 2: Click on import button.

Step 3: Choose and click on the image.

Problem 3: How to create a variable that will make computations, like quantity multiply price equals sales.


Step 1: Find and Click on Report Properties.

Step 2: Find and click onVariables.

Step 3: Click Add Button.

Step 4: Enter your chosen name. Then click on “fx” button.

Step 5: Enter your expression after the equal sign.

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Note: I will include the images in this post next time.

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