How to Create a Simple Drop-Down List in MS Excel 2007?

this post is derive from this link. this can be in microsoft excel 2007.

 Step 1

Click on the cell in the workbook where you want your drop-down list to appear. Cell A3 is active in the image to the left (click image to enlarge it).

Step 2
Click the Data tab, and on the Data Tools menu, click on Data Validation. The Data Validation dialog box will appear.

Step 3
On the Settings tab, below Allow, click the down arrow and select List.

Step 4
For a simple list, type the items in the Source box in the order you want them to appear in the drop down, separating them by a comma as shown is the image. Click the OK button.

Step 5
Now, at the insertion point, you can click the down arrow to display the options, clicking on one to select it.


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