How to withdraw funds from paypal to unionbank eon?
1.In your PayPal account, go to the My Account > Withdraw section and choose your withdrawal option. Unless you have a US bank account, you are most likely going to withdraw funds to your Philippine-based debit or credit card, so click the Transfer funds to your card link.
2.Enter the amount you wish to withdraw and choose the card where funds are to be transferred. A valid credit or debit card must be attached in your account before you can do this. (Click here to find out how you can use UnionBank credit or debit card in PayPal.) Once you are done, click Continue.
3.Review all related details before submitting the request. PayPal reminds you that there is a $5.00 withdrawal fee per transaction and additional return fees are charged if you have an incomplete or incorrect withdrawal request.
4.A confirmation page appears if the request is successfully submitted. The page also shows your remaining daily withdrawal limit. PayPal Philippines accounts normally have a $500 limit on daily withdrawals.
5.The transaction then appears in your Transaction History. Requests that are not yet confirmed by PayPal are shown as “Pending.” Those successfully processed are marked “Completed.”
6.When the funds are actually credited to your bank account depends on UnionBank. As explained earlier, processing time can range from one to 11 calendar days. Others have reported, however, that this can extend to 3-4 weeks. Contact UnionBank to inquire about the status of your withdrawal if you still have not received anything after a few weeks.

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