Enabling E-mail upon clicking the E-mail Address at web page

Important Reminders: Please do not click the send button, these emails will be send to microsoft, you will be consider SPAM E-Mail.
When you wish to embed the html tags that enables automatically opens outlook to email the address shown in the web page, needs to write on designer section, like this one, kaakbay@microsoft.com
The html code,
<a href=”mailto:kaakbay@microsoft.com”>kaakbay@microsoft.com</a>
You can even add subject and Body, kaakbay@microsoft.com
The html code,
<a href=”mailto:mantiporta@blastasia.com?subject=email&body=message”>kaakbay@microsoft.com</a>

You can even add subject and CC and Body, kaakbay@microsoft.com
The html code,
<a href=mailto:kaakbay@microsoft.com?subject=email&cc=searesc@microsoft.com&body=message>kaakbay@microsoft.com</a>


This part of using importance set to high is not yet working.
You can even add subject and CC and Importance and Body, kaakbay@microsoft.com
The html code,
<a href=”mailto:kaakbay@microsoft.com?subject=email&cc=searesc@microsoft.com&importance=1&body=message”>kaakbay@microsoft.com</a>
To enable redirecting to a specific site, write this html on designer, like this one, microsoft
The html code,
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